What To Do When Drawing A Blank When Trying To Decorate Your Blank Living Room Wall

19 December 2018
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Dealing with a blank wall can be very difficult if you are not someone who is inherently into design and decoration. If you're apartment has a large blank space and you are having trouble deciding what to do do, but know that you have to do something because you're not satisfied with a large blank wall, then you should look at the following list of ideas. These will help even the most decoratively challenged person decide on what to do with a large, white painted wall. There are options that will work for people who are not skilled at painting, as well as choices for people who would like to attempt to use a paintbrush and make some unique and personal designs.

Paint A Design On The Wall

One thing you can always do to make a blank wall look more attractive is to paint a design on the wall. You can paint the wall a single color; creating in effect a accent wall. Perhaps you can choose a bright pastel color that will contrast with your other white walls. Or you might want to use masking tape and create a visual wainscotting effect by painting a line across the wall and painting the lower sections a different color. Look in decor magazines for some ideas.

Use Stencils

If you like the idea of being creative and expressing yourself, but don't feel like you are comfortable painting right onto the wall yourself, you can always choose stencils. These are perfect because you can still paint but won't be creating the designs yourself. What you will do is find some decorative stencils and then paint using them as a guide. You might choose something such as stars or moon graphics, or you could choose geometric shapes. If you're not looking to use paint, then you can even find stick-on stencils that will adhere to the wall and which don't require you to paint. They are perfect if you live in an apartment building which does not allow you to paint or otherwise alter the walls because of your lease.

Hang A Nature Lithograph

It's always nice to hang a nice photo on the wall, and one of the best ideas is to get an original nature lithograph framed print and hang it from the wall. These will make your room look great because it adds an element of nature and beauty to your room. You can get a series of these small prints or else you can get one large one to hang on your wall. You might pick one that has an ocean view, or you could choose one that has a forest view. The choices are endless.