Doctors Office Decor Ideas To Calm Patients Down

4 September 2017
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A doctors office can be a frightening experience. Many people are afraid of going to the doctor because they have anxiety over what is happening with their health, and they might be nervous that they are sick and frightened at what could happen. A cold and clinical setting is not a great way to allay their fears. What you should try and do is design the office in such a way that it is more welcoming to patients. This will make the atmosphere more welcoming and less like a scary, non-personal space where people feel uncomfortable. Here are a few ways to do decorate the interior of the office to make it feel more comfortable and calming:

Warm Colors

Generic white painted walls are not a great idea for a doctors office. White is a very clinical look for an office. It can be too bright and can scare people into thinking that the office is a scary place. So, instead of choosing a bright white paint, choose paints that are softer and have a warmer color. Colors such as off-whites, creams and even warm color pastels for accent colors (things such as blues and rose as well) work well. You should consider that people will want the office to look non-hospital like if they are the type to be terrified of the doctor.

Soft Lighting

Lighting is another important aspect of the room. If the lighting is too severe, then you will make people feel uncomfortable. Bright lights are harsh and convey the feeling of a clinical setting. So, instead of choosing regular office lighting, make sure that you choose office lighting that is designed to be calming. The best choice is lighting that is recessed into the ceiling and does not shine bright but instead provides a warm glow over the office.

Reclaimed Wood Art

Many people pick generic posters and reproductions of paintings to hang on the wall. These are designed to brighten up the room, but often times they just remind people of the fact that it's a doctors office. The typical paintings and posters actually do the opposite of what the intention is. Instead of making the room look inviting, they make it look like every other doctor's office that they have ever seen. So, the solution is to choose wall art that is more unique.

A great choice is to pick out hand painted reclaimed wood art. This is perfect for an office. You can get a really interesting piece and hang it on the wall and people will look at it and be able to occupy their mind studying it. These reclaimed wood art pieces can be made from old barn siding, old wooden boats, or any other type of interesting wood. The patients who are waiting can focus their attention on the art instead of worrying about their own issues.