What To Do When Drawing A Blank When Trying To Decorate Your Blank Living Room Wall

19 December 2018
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Dealing with a blank wall can be very difficult if you are not someone who is inherently into design and decoration. If you're apartment has a large blank space and you are having trouble deciding what to do do, but know that you have to do something because you're not satisfied with a large blank wall, then you should look at the following list of ideas. These will help even the most decoratively challenged person decide on what to do with a large, white painted wall. Read More 

Tips For Buying Japanese Woodblock Tips For New Collectors

27 August 2018
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If you love Japanese woodblock prints and have decided you want to start your own collection of them, then these tips will help you with the buying process: Tip: Buy the Highest Quality Japanese Woodblock Prints You Can Afford If you want to build a valuable collection of Japanese woodblock prints, then it is important you purchase the best quality pieces that appeal to you and you can afford. Purchasing high-quality art ensures it holds its value as time passes. Read More 

Doctors Office Decor Ideas To Calm Patients Down

4 September 2017
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A doctors office can be a frightening experience. Many people are afraid of going to the doctor because they have anxiety over what is happening with their health, and they might be nervous that they are sick and frightened at what could happen. A cold and clinical setting is not a great way to allay their fears. What you should try and do is design the office in such a way that it is more welcoming to patients. Read More 

3 Tips For Buying The Jewelry You Want At An Estate Sale

25 April 2017
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Estate sales are great for buying household furnishings and cookware, but some use the sales to buy jewelry. The sales give you the opportunity to buy pieces that you might not be able to otherwise afford and offers you more vintage options. If you are planning to attend an estate sale, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when buying jewelry.   Check the Inventory  Many estate sales brokers have websites that list the items that are going to be listed for sale. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Touch Most Artwork

18 March 2016
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If you like to visit art galleries and shops, like Gallery Phillip, you've no doubt seen signs asking you not to touch the artwork. Sometimes the reason is obvious, like not touching old oil paintings that could flake. But other times, there seems to be no point, especially if the art is brand new, in an interactive installation or non-gallery environment, or made from a material that doesn't break so easily, like metal. Read More